The Future of Double Action
August 9, 2014 - by Vino

The last week has been a trip. We released the game, we got Greenlit, we got covered by a bunch of news outlets including PC Gamer and Blue’s News, a few famous internet personalities played the game, and I found one very insightful review. A record number of people have been playing the game and the leaderboard has been completely filled up with style.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what will happen with DA in the future. We’re going to be releasing the Steam version in early September, as I’ll be on vacation in the last week of August. It will have some gameplay fixes (too many grenades!) and a our mapper has been working on a ton of graphical updates to the maps that will arrive in the Steam version. We’re also planning an OSX release.

As for what happens after that, the DA team plans on continuing to work on DA for as long as people are playing, and people are definitely playing. We’re currently aiming for the next major release some time this winter.

If you think you can help with Double Action development, have a look at our workshop page and introduce yourself on our forums. We’re especially looking for a good character artist and character animator.

A few notes on some problems people have been having.

  • If the game runs slow for you, try running the commands “da_ssao 0″ and “da_pretty_pixels 0″ in the console.
  • If you’re having trouble loading the game, try validating the cache for Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer.
  • If you’re still having trouble loading the game, try deleting the file “libcef.dll” in your Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer directory.

These problems and more will be address in the Steam release.

Introducing Double Action: Boogaloo
August 2, 2014 - by Vino

Three years ago I set out to make a stylish multiplayer action game, and today I’m very proud to announce that it is released. Only two days late! You can download it RIGHT NOW or click the download button on the front page to grab it. The team is very proud of it and we hope you enjoy it. For those of you who are wondering what changes there are from the previous version Kappa Plus, there are a few bug and balance fixes and some visual improvements.

The other great news we received today (what great timing!) is that our Steam Greenlight was approved, so we’re going to be planning a release on Steam in the near future. I can’t yet say exactly what the details of that will be since we’re still at the very beginning of that process. We’ll be announcing more in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everybody for your love and support, I appreciate it a lot and I know the rest of the team does as well.

Leaderboards, Improved Graphics
July 25, 2014 - by Vino

With one week to go before the big release of Double Action: Boogaloo, I’ve taken some time to back-port some of the best features into the current “greek” version, Kappa. It’s mostly a graphics update which adds visual effects like SSAO, and improved player animations and weapon models, and a new HUD, but it also has a new leaderboard system. The daily, weekly, and monthly most stylish players will be visible there. You can download all of this goodness right now by clicking this handy link. The update is optional though, so for the time being you can continue to use Kappa if you don’t want to upgrade.

And lastly, a quick reminder that voting for our Greenlight can help us distribute this game on Steam so that nobody has to download silly executable self-unpackagers anymore, which will make things easier for everybody.

See you in one week for the grand finale.

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