Leaderboards, Improved Graphics
July 25, 2014 - by Vino

With one week to go before the big release of Double Action: Boogaloo, I’ve taken some time to back-port some of the best features into the current “greek” version, Kappa. It’s mostly a graphics update which adds visual effects like SSAO, and improved player animations and weapon models, and a new HUD, but it also has a new leaderboard system. The daily, weekly, and monthly most stylish players will be visible there. You can download all of this goodness right now by clicking this handy link. The update is optional though, so for the time being you can continue to use Kappa if you don’t want to upgrade.

And lastly, a quick reminder that voting for our Greenlight can help us distribute this game on Steam so that nobody has to download silly executable self-unpackagers anymore, which will make things easier for everybody.

See you in one week for the grand finale.

Double Action: Trailer
June 30, 2014 - by Vino

As part of the roadmap to gear up for the official release, today we’re releasing the trailer for Double Action.

As it says in the trailer, the official release of Boogaloo will be in one month, July 31. Here’s a page that sums up the game’s features:



Double Action – More Stylish than Game of Thrones?
June 16, 2014 - by Vino

That Game of Thrones finale last night was absolutely insane. Where the hell did those people on horses come from! Daenerys's dragon did what! And Tyrion, my lovely man, how could you! But personally I think it could have been improved a little bit if Jon Snow had backflipped through a window and unloaded a shotgun into Mance Rayder's face. Did Arya ever think to slide under a table heaped with drugs to clear a path with her submachine gun nicknamed "The Undertaker" so she could deliver a briefcase full of cash to the drop point? I think not.

Game of Thrones may be over for this year (or until Winds of Winter comes out!) but Double Action is not! The new version out today, codenamed Kappa, is mostly bugfix/usability/gameplay updates, but it does contain some great new stuff like improvements to superfall — that being, having a midair gun battle while falling off an 80 story building. As usual you can download it by clicking the golden button on the left. It should be the last version released before Boogaloo comes out for good on July 15!

PS: Apologies to anyone who doesn't watch GoT, we're big fans on the DA development team. It was a pretty cool episode though.

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