Bugfix Update Now Live
May 7, 2016 - by Vino

That’s right boogalooers it’s bugfix time! TomyLobo has appeared out of the flames like Robert Patrick Jr in the final scenes of Terminator 2, delivering a chunky bunch of fixes to munch. Double Action has long been endeared with bugs ranging from the mundane to the insane, and this update smooths that ride leaving a clean guide for your styling-est slide.

TomyLobo is the living embodiment of community-borne awesomeness. Two months ago he popped up on the Boogaloo radar with some nonchalant bugfixes and sensible github ideas and has since gone on to single handedly rejuvenate Double Action: Boogaloo with his select lines of code. Double Action has always relied on the skills of the people that play it, and will continue to do so into the future! If you can code, map, model, texture, sing, dance or stand on your head and move a box with the force, we want to hear from YOU! Get in contact via the community submissions forum on the DA steam discussions board, or add Stormy on steam!

As usual, server operatives will need to run the steam update on their various servers. The SimRai servers are up-to-date, as is the Through Human Eyes (T|H|E) server and Wizard of Distortions community server.

In this update:

  • Akimbo weapons now drop one by one. Duallies too inaccurate all of a sudden? Don’t want to spend all that time reloading two pistolas? Throw one away and get back into the action thanks to this fancy gameplay tweak.
  • Overlapping slowmo now behaves properly. If you gain slowmo seconds during a slowmo activation, you can now disable your slowmo without re-activating the newly acquired slowmo seconds.
  • Prevent switching to grenades when picked up. Few things suck more than trying to grab a local grenade only to find your weapon has disappeared and is being replaced by said grenade. That no longer happens, so now there’s PLENTY of things that suck more than that!
  • Fixed a bunch of ways to get stuck. Getting stuck is one of the few things that suck more!
  • Don’t update style skill until after a respawn. No more nitro sploits! You know who you are…

And more bugfixes and changes. See the full changelog here.

Now it’s time to kick bubble gum and chew some ass. And I’m all out of ass. See you on the servers this weekend ;)

Double Action: Boogaloo V1.2!
January 31, 2016 - by Black_Stormy

Double Action has been updated! Like a freshly dropped briefcase full of gadgets and goodies, this update explodes onto the scene with new and updated maps, new game sounds, and two title menu tracks! Check out the full update text here!

Calling All Photoshoppers!
February 14, 2015 - by Black_Stormy

Achievement Icons Needed

Double Action now has a reliable achievement system and we are ready to begin closed testing. Before we push the first batch to the public build, we need icons! This is where you and your fully sick MS Paint skills come in. If you want to put your own touch on the future of Double Action this is how to do it. Read on for the brief.

Icon specs

Each achievement needs one 64×64 colour icon (we’ll use a desaturated and watermarked version for the ‘locked’ icon). The colour scheme must be simple and match our current title icon:

That is, black, white and yellow. You can also use the gold colour from this logo for secondary details or highlights. Designs must be clear and readable, but you can use any style you like. Vector art, hand painted, 3d renders, it’s all good as long they all look consistent.


The icons should represent the achievement. I’m sure any avid achievement icon designer will have a ball coming up with their own designs. Here’s the list of the first few we need:

Divepunch is its Own Reward – Get a divepunch kill
Michael Bay – Dive away from an explosion for reduced damage
Dodge This – Kill with a headshot at point blank range
SlowPro – Get three kills during one activation of slowmo
Skypunch – Kill a player with brawl during a superfall
Special Delivery – Cap the briefcase without killing anyone
Disco Stu – Earn 100,000 total style points
Potshotter – Get a long range pistol kill on an enemy holding a rifle

How to submit

Once you have made your icon you’ll need to upload it to the net so we can check it out. If you don’t already have an image service, Postimage is a good site. Then come to our super top secret development forums and post your icons! Even if you don’t want to make icons for DA, feel free to come past the forums and contribute to the discussion anyway. We’ll be picking the best icons that are consistent and clear reading.

There’ll be more achievements coming soon and we’ll need more icons so stay tuned to the Achievement Icons thread for more info as we have it!

Stay classy,
– The DA Team

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