Double Action: Boogaloo V1.2!
January 31, 2016 - by Black_Stormy

Double Action has been updated! Like a freshly dropped briefcase full of gadgets and goodies, this update explodes onto the scene with new and updated maps, new game sounds, and two title menu tracks! Check out the full update text here!

Calling All Photoshoppers!
February 14, 2015 - by Black_Stormy

Achievement Icons Needed

Double Action now has a reliable achievement system and we are ready to begin closed testing. Before we push the first batch to the public build, we need icons! This is where you and your fully sick MS Paint skills come in. If you want to put your own touch on the future of Double Action this is how to do it. Read on for the brief.

Icon specs

Each achievement needs one 64×64 colour icon (we’ll use a desaturated and watermarked version for the ‘locked’ icon). The colour scheme must be simple and match our current title icon:

That is, black, white and yellow. You can also use the gold colour from this logo for secondary details or highlights. Designs must be clear and readable, but you can use any style you like. Vector art, hand painted, 3d renders, it’s all good as long they all look consistent.


The icons should represent the achievement. I’m sure any avid achievement icon designer will have a ball coming up with their own designs. Here’s the list of the first few we need:

Divepunch is its Own Reward – Get a divepunch kill
Michael Bay – Dive away from an explosion for reduced damage
Dodge This – Kill with a headshot at point blank range
SlowPro – Get three kills during one activation of slowmo
Skypunch – Kill a player with brawl during a superfall
Special Delivery – Cap the briefcase without killing anyone
Disco Stu – Earn 100,000 total style points
Potshotter – Get a long range pistol kill on an enemy holding a rifle

How to submit

Once you have made your icon you’ll need to upload it to the net so we can check it out. If you don’t already have an image service, Postimage is a good site. Then come to our super top secret development forums and post your icons! Even if you don’t want to make icons for DA, feel free to come past the forums and contribute to the discussion anyway. We’ll be picking the best icons that are consistent and clear reading.

There’ll be more achievements coming soon and we’ll need more icons so stay tuned to the Achievement Icons thread for more info as we have it!

Stay classy,
– The DA Team

Double Action: Update Inbound!
January 9, 2015 - by Black_Stormy

We’re pushing an update for Boogaloo IMMINENTLY. There are a bunch of damage balances which should make the game a little more solid. Grenades are back on the buy menu, and have been balanced to account for it. It’s only a small update but it has the potential to change the game quite a bit. We’re looking for feedback on the changes, you can post it on the Steam discussion boards or on our own forums.

Name votes counted!

After tallying up the votes for our next version name (and there were a lot of them) It has been decided! Our development version of Double Action is now codenamed Doves of Fury.


You may be wondering what that means exactly. Here’s the lowdown and dirty. Double Action: Boogaloo is the version you guys are playing on steam right now. We’ll be putting small updates and such in that branch. Expect to see things like gameplay balances and small map updates. Double Action: Doves of Fury is the next major version we are working on. We have a checklist of stuff we want to add and when the checklist is completed DoF will be ready. Aforementioned stuff includes new maps, maybe characters and weapons, we’re not 100% sure yet, but read on to find out more.


Abe (Black_Stormy) has been busy modelling away, the most recent item of note is this derringer model:

We’re not totally sure how this will fit into the gameplay yet but we wanted a weapon that was high risk high reward. With this Derringer you only have two bullets so you gotta make em count. I’m thinking high damage close up (they have a hell of a slug) and mega style points if you manage to land a kill with it. The idea is to encourage players to pepper with a regular weapon and then switch to the Plan D to finish off.

Another idea for this weapon is to have it as an alternative to grenades. Players can either buy nades or a derringer, reducing the amount of nades on a map (hopefully). This could fit in with Vino’s drug system in which players can purchase a health boosting syringe instead of a nade. The players choice then becomes health boost, derringer or grenade.

What do you guys think? How would you like to see it used in the game? And what other weapons would you guys like to see?

The Boogaloo Banana

We’ve had some new mappers come onto the scene recently and have set up a gamebanana page to provide a single download area for everyone. You can visit the page here to check out what the community has been doing. l-homme-d-action, our resident mod machine, has uploaded some custom characters and weapons among other stuff, and we recently saw da_tomb_raid from TigerStyle. There’s some other good stuff up there too and it’s steadily growing. Thanks to everyone uploading there so far and if you have anything to upload please do!

Editors Choice MOTY 2014

In other news we were recently awarded #1 Editors Choice and the Ressie Award for ModDB’s Mod of The Year 2014!


We haven’t had a big presence on ModDB recently but that recognition certainly helps put fuel on the fire. Thanks to you guys for playing the game and spreading the word, and the ModDB guys for enjoying the game enough to put us in the spotlight.

Back to the old drawing board

Finally, if you’re interested in keeping a look at development or you have something to share with the community, we’ve revived the old Double Action forums. Abe is posting his stuff up there and the community submissions forums is the place to be for anyone looking for or creating new maps and content for the mod. If you are interested, check out our docs for information and inspiration and get to makin your next creation!

Until next time, may your Boogaloo be swift and merciless.

– the DA team

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