Double Action: Boogaloo, v1.2.2.2
May 28, 2017 - by Vino

This server-side patch fixes a rounding error in the vote tallying system, leading to votes failing unless there is no counter-vote.

Windows and Linux Steam clients will also automatically update the local server component. This update is not necessary in order to effectively participate in votes.

Sorry for taking so long to catch this :)

PS: Again with apologies to people hosting hands-off servers on a Mac, we’re only releasing this bug fix for Windows and Linux. Mac users can still join v1.2.2.2 servers with v1.2.2.

Beware of cheaters
May 27, 2017 - by Vino

Hello folks.

Over the course of this weekend we’re expecting an increased number of cheaters using Double Action.

During this phase, and in general, please be extremely careful when encountering cheaters. Some recently surfaced cheats are known to be able to expose your external IP address to the cheater. Using that IP address, the cheater could, criminal energy provided, exploit vulnerabilities in your router, operating system and other services in order to damage or take over your computer and other devices on your network.

There’s a certain risk associated with anything on the internet. The ability to expose a user’s IP address comes from a fault in Source Engine, Valve’s game engine, and not from the Double Action codebase. Cheaters ruin the experience for everyone else and I wish we could remove them entirely, but as a free game we lack the resources to do so. Double Action is a game about being stylish in a fun way, and cheaters are the least stylish thing of all. I’m sorry we weren’t able to avoid cheaters.

When cheaters do show up on a server:
* Keep calm
* Do not engage
* Do not rage
* Seek another server

In other words, be your regular classy and stylish self. And most importantly, do not allow them to ruin your day :)

Double Action Boogaloo, version 1.2.2
July 24, 2016 - by Vino

I love these rhyming version names.

That’s correct! Double Action has received another slew of bugfixes and balances, changes and enhancements.

Punters will notice some additions to the scoreboard, as well as upgrades to spectator mode. Bots can now mantle and climb in some spots, and the hitmarkers for incoming fire will now dynamically scale with game resolution, making for a clearer impact on larger screens.

Our more experienced superfallers will notice that “WORTH IT!!” is now doled out less liberally, making for more intense and rewarding skybattles.

Additionally, gameplay has been tightened and bugs squashed, and the votekick system has received a tweakin. You can view the changelist here.

As usual, if you’re making maps be sure to show us what you’ve got! Now get in there and RRRRRRUMBLE!

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